Program Details

Welcome to the referral program for

We provide restaurants, food carts, pizzerias, etc. with an online food ordering application available for Android and iOS. We are growing by adding more restaurants as our clients and we need your help to grow even more.

How it works

Kindly follow the following steps:

  • You send us an email to requesting to be added to our referral business partners with your name, address, phone and email.
  • We will reply to you within 1 business day with the approval and a referral code that you will use later.
  • Then, you can go to any food service provider (Restaurant, food cart, pizzeria, etc.) or even any business that sells limited number of items (usually less than 100) and talk to them about our product and how it will benefit their business.
  • In the notes section on the registration page, you will add your referral code to identify you and add the credits to your account.
  • Any questions, please email us at:


  • We offer different payment plans for restaurants: per month, per quarter, semiannually, annually and every 2 years.
  • Your commission will be a percentage of the first payment from the restaurant regardless of the plan, so the higher the period you can convince them to sign up for, the higher your commission.
  • If we offer any free trial period for a restaurant (a month or 3 months), you will be paid after the free trial period ends and the restaurant decides to sign up with us. So, a follow up with the restaurant is essential to close the deal.
  • You will be paid once a month as long as your total monthly commission for the previous month exceeds $25. You can be paid via check in the mail or direct transfer to your bank account.

Commission Program:

  • For the first $500 in sales: you earn 10%.
  • For the following $500 in sales: you earn 12.5%.
  • For any sales more than $1000 per month you get 15%.
  • Example 1: Total monthly sales: $300, your earnings: 300 x 10% = $30.

    Example 2: Total monthly sales: $800, your earnings: (500 x 10%) + (300 x 12.5%) = $87.5.

    Example 3: Total monthly sales $4000, your earnings: (500 x 10%) + (500 x 12.5%) + (3000 x 15%) = $562.5.