Have you ever heard this from your customers?

Oh, I love your food, it is my exact taste, the only thing is that I don’t have time to order over the phone as it takes 10 minutes”

“I’d love to get my lunch here but your wait time is 20 minutes to prepare food”

“Only if you have a way to order online so that I can order in just a few clicks”

Helping other to succeed is our goal and it is part of our success too. We are dedicated to help small and medium sized food provides (restaurants, cuisines, food carts, pizzerias, etc.) to increase their sales via using modern online ordering technology. Creating a mobile application or website for food ordering is an expensive and time consuming process, but on the other hand it can boost the sales significantly.

Here at Leemox Restaurant we are devoted to create the best user friendly food ordering applications tailored for each restaurant individually so that each restaurant can have his own application in addition to creating a global app for everyone to order from any restaurant.

We provide this service at a negligible cost as we believe that technology should be available to everyone, which ends up in a highly-satisfied customers and more profitable restaurant owners.


To be the leading global food ordering mobile application provider for all kinds of food preparing facilities, providing the most accurate and trusted applications for food providers and customers.


To make the food ordering application technology available at a negligible cost for all kinds of restaurant where more users can order online ending in more sales for restaurants and more convenient food ordering experience for customers. In addition, to be a benchmark for food ordering  service worldwide.


We are a group of people just like you, we face many challenges in our daily life, and we believe that everyone is created to make life easier for others and consequently himself. Our team includes people from a variety of backgrounds, we have engineers, web developers and designers, pharmacists, language specialists, application developer specialists, etc. We agreed to look into everyday life challenges (big or small) and try our best to provide a convenient solution. We started with the food ordering services as we have seen that ordering food is part of almost everyone’s daily activity either for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just coffee. While the majority of food service chains have mobile applications (as they can afford to create it), small and medium sized food business does not have enough funds or time to create them. The mobile applications make it easier for customers to order food (either for delivery or carry-out), leading into a highly satisfied customer and in addition more sales for the restaurant.